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Eric H. Coffin, P.E.

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Why Consider Options

Energy prices are rising and cutting into profits? Or causing you to raise prices? Are you using your energy wisely? Have you worked in the energy field for years and know all your options? Would you like to know if it is possible for you to save money? Are you wondering if a solution is cost effective? Give us a phone call and let us help you answer these and many more questions.

Saving money on energy is a multi-faceted problem that requires someone with experience because “we don’t know what we don’t know.” For instance:

  • Are you a big commercial or industrial electricity consumer? Did you know that there are many different electric tariff rates? Did you know that you may be able to move your account to a different (cheaper) rate?

  • Are you using electricity to heat something? Have you considered solar, natural gas, wood, biomass, waste oil, or electricity with a heat pump?

  • Are you consuming electricity and have a large thermal (heat) load in your factory? Did you study the economics of cogeneration?

  • Are you using compressed air? Why? Did you know that an air tool consumes eight (8) times the purchased power as an electric tool? If you must use air, have you surveyed your system for leaks? Did you know that leaks can consume 25% to 75% of your energy costs? Just listen for the hiss in the evening when the manufacturing area is shut down. After a period of time you may also hear the air compressor start to re-pressurize the system. You are paying for the electricity so you can hear the hiss through the night? Think about the cost of that sound.

  • What is the efficiency of your electrical equipment? What is the efficiency of new equipment? Is it cost effective to install new high efficiency equipment?