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Feasibility Studies - Types of Studies

Do you have a vague idea of how to expand your factory or process?

Are you thinking about saving energy, but don’t know how?

Do you have department heads who are not engineers suggesting process improvement projects?

If you find yourself in that twilight zone of an incomplete idea, then call Green Energy Engineering, Inc. and let us shed some light on your darkness. Feasibility studies are inexpensive ways to determine both the technical and financial value of ideas.

We use the “fishing boat” example. Let’s say you are thinking about buying a fishing boat but don’t know what size or hull type. Would it be valuable to speak with an experienced ship captain before buying? The captain has seen fishing boats out at sea, off shore, near shore, inland, and within the harbor. He could tell you about waves, wind, and safety. With that backdrop of knowledge, you would have a better idea of whether to purchase a canoe, a 12-foot flat bottom dingy, a 24-foot V hull, or a 40-foot catamaran with two engines.

Saving energy is the same. Some people have a wealth of experience to draw from, can listen to your ideas and suggest options.

The studies that Green Energy Engineering, Inc. offers are highly dependent on the type, size, and location of your process. The studies can be:

  • Simple half-day consultations.

  • Full day walk-arounds

  • Two-day data gathering and report writing

  • Multi-day studies that review your entire energy use and/or process that results in full reports.

The common thread is that you can obtain a considerable amount of knowledge and direction without spending much money. Furthermore, you may gain confidence in a decision that will allow you to recoup the investment in capital equipment, if you choose to move forward with the recommendations. Or you may avoid losing money because the feasibility study pointed out the pit falls of the idea.

Allow us to help you in making these important decisions for your business.