“Principles of Engineering Economy”

Eric Coffin of Green Energy Engineering, Inc. provides a four-hour Continuing Education (CE) lecture for Professional Engineers (PE) entitled “Principles of Engineering Economy”.    More...

Eric H. Coffin, P.E.

"The Engineer's Engineer"

For the serious engineers who are truly interested in "continuing education,' Eric's seminars satisfy that demand...

Need Energy Services?

Green Energy Engineering, Inc., is dedicated to saving energy, saving money, reducing your carbon footprint (carbon dioxide emissions), and saving the Earth through the cost-effective utilization of Mother Nature's limited energy resources.

With over 25 years of experience in cogeneration, biomass fuels, natural gas, oil- and coal-fired equipment, Green Energy Engineering, Inc. can customize a thermal cycle that meets your process needs and your limited capital budget.

Having experience in Electric Utility, Large Industrial and Heavy Commercial markets, we are well versed in energy audits, process control, option development, financial studies, power, steam, boilers and Green Energy Solutions (solutions that can reduce the amount and cost of purchased energy).

Our financial studies background is so strong that Eric Coffin is approved by the Florida Board of Professional Engineers to teach the "Principles of Engineering Economy" continuing education class to Florida Professional Engineers. He has conducted hundreds of energy audits and produced thousands of feasibility studies in the energy arena. Contact us to learn how we can help you reduce your costs.