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Controls - Services Offered

Green Energy Engineering, Inc., can help you with your existing or new controls job.

  • Are you considering a complex new process and need an experienced process control engineer to help you design a control scheme?

  • Do you have an existing process that is not under control or is not producing on specification material? Would you like an experienced process control engineer to look it over and suggest a fix? 

  • Do you have daily steam header pressure upsets? Have you analyzed the upsets? Do you know what causes the upsets? Have you trended the boiler response?

  • Does you boiler follow the steam load smoothly? If not, why? It is a controls problem? Is it a tuning issue? Would advanced feed forward schemes help?

Green Energy Engineering, Inc., has extensive college graduate level training in process control and years of experience with boiler control. We have developed:

  • Advanced three, four, and five element drum level control.

  • Customized feed forward control signals from batch digesters to the boiler house controls.

  • Unique furnace pressure control schemes for wet scrubber retrofits.

  • Control schemes for remote biomass gasifiers feeding existing oil fired boilers 

  • Controls for supplemental, and as available, off-quality natural gas

  • Cogeneration control schemes for steam production with electric follow.

  • Cogeneration controls for electric production with steam extraction to a varying process steam load.

Green Energy Engineering, Inc., provides process control consulting primarily in the energy and complex process area. We have years of experience with cascade and feed forward control loops and understand the interactions of most processes. Boiler control is our specialty and we have worked on complex multi-pressure steam systems, and difficult to control processes, such as paper machines and hot air drying. We have worked in chemical plants, pulp mills, and oil refiners.

Give us a phone call and let us know what you want solved.