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Green Energy Engineering, Inc., is dedicated to saving energy, saving money, reducing your carbon footprint (carbon dioxide emissions), and saving the Earth through the cost-effective utilization of Mother Nature's limited energy resources. More...

Eric H. Coffin, P.E.

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Green Energy Solutions Services Offered

Green Energy Engineering, Inc. provides a full range of consulting, engineering, and design services to help you reduce your fuel bill and save the Earth. How?

We can save you money and fuel by reducing your carbon footprint. We have already helped hundreds of customers throughout the world with cost-effective energy projects. It all starts by reviewing your process and how you use energy. Reducing your fuel bill includes:

  • The type and cost of fuel you currently purchase

  • The efficiency of the fuel consuming equipment

  • The efficiency of the energy consuming devices in the process or factory

  • The amount of insulation on pipes and tanks,

  • The control system and schedules

  • The presence of a compressed air system

After the current usage is studied, Green Energy Engineering, Inc. is able to develop ideas, thermal cycles, and equipment options that can cost-effectively reduce your energy usage. Whether it is:

  • New high efficiency motors

  • Variable speed pumping

  • Insulation

  • New equipment

  • Control changes

  • Set point changes

  • Etc…

With over 35 years of experience across many different industries, we will be happy to serve you and save you the most money on your energy bill.