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Saving money on energy is a multi-faceted problem that requires someone with experience because “we don’t know what we don’t know. More...

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Course Curriculum

The objective of the engineering economics live seminar is to reacquaint (or introduce for those who used another text or didn’t take the course) the attendees with their college textbook, “Principles of Engineering Economy,” written by Eugene L. Grant, W. Grant Ireson, and Richard S. Leavenworth. More...

Eric H. Coffin, P.E.

"The Engineer's Engineer"

For the serious engineers who are truly interested in "continuing education,' Eric's seminars satisfy that demand...

Testimonials About GEE Inc.

1) Very Good Course! I will pass along your web site and card. Chessley Gordon Smith St. Augustine, Florida

2) Good review of engineering economy. Kenton M Pontius Titusville, Florida

3) The course was SOME review! Provided me much insight into engineering economics. Robert Neil St. Jean Marietta, GA

4) You presented a lot of information, very clearly, in a short time. The presentation was excellent and content very informative and useful. Good Class – I’ll recommend it to other engineers. Carl L Skiles Yalaha, Florida

5) Even though I did not get the workbook you gave me enough to take the course, the test, and understand the material. I am an electrical engineer and I never saw the economics for wire sizing. That was GREAT! Richard R. Trudelle Troy, Michigan

6) EXCELLENT PRESENTATION!!! Sofia Cano Rovira Miami Lakes, Florida

7) Lots of material. Learned a Lot! Brought back college courses. Richard

8) Very good overview. David Wiebe Orlando, Florida

9) Excellent Presentation! I will definitely recommend to others. Peter S. Schneidkraut New York, NY

10) I currently have the 4th and 7th editions of the text. The investment in yet another edition did not seem necessary. I felt the material was well covered and the presentation was excellent. I am very pleased with the course. Patrick L. Byrne, P.E. Deputy Executive Director Utility Operations Emerald Coast Utilities Authority Pensacola, Florida Board of Professional Engineers

11) Class material was considerably better than previous on-line classes I have taken. Doug McCaskill Chesterfield, Missouri

12) The overall class and instruction was complete and very comprehensive. Rob Kristiansen Shokan, New York

13) I enjoyed the DVD class. It was easy to follow and informative. Mariano Valle Coral Gables, Florida

14) I will recommend course to others. Jesus A Nasser Mustafa Sunrise, Florida

15) The seminar was excellent and very well developed. Jose A. Acevedo San Juan, Puerto Rico

16) Good Program. Very convenient and it contained helpful information. Charles E Cook Fort Myers, Fla.

17) Great refresher and practical applications. William J. Pyznar Bridgewater, New Jersey