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How Green Energy Engineering Provided the Answer

Client: “I am spending twice as much on electricity this year than last, what can I do?”
GEE, Inc.: After spending a day walking the site, it was determined that installing new chillers would reduce the electric bill and payback in three years.

Client: “Natural gas prices have gone up three fold, is there another fuel?”
GEE, Inc.: After spending a week at the site and performing some preliminary engineering, it was determined that a wood burning boiler would payback in five years and that waste wood was available in that area.

Client: “The operating cost of this waste treatment plant has doubled from last year. What are my options?”
GEE, Inc.: One day at the site confirmed that upgrading the hundreds of electric motors involved in pumping, stirring, and aerating would reduce the monthly electric bill, but that the payback was more than ten years.

Client: “The steam system within this large fertilizer complex has pressure control problems. Why?”
GEE, Inc.: After spending several weeks reviewing five sulfur boilers, one waste heat boiler, miles of multi-level steam piping, 17 batch evaporators, three steam turbine generators, and pages of trend graphs, several different control schemes were offered along with a step-by-step implementation plan.

Client: “Why is my wastewater bill going up so high?”
GEE, Inc.: Have you considered pretreatment of all the waste paper dust? Have you considered adding solenoid valves to the city water motor bearing cooling? Have you considered a condenser in lieu of the city water heat exchanger for the new plant compressor?

Client: “Why did all my tenants get a stop work order from the city?”
GEE, Inc.: Did you talk with your tenants? Did you call the City? After inviting several of the city officials out to the site and then producing as-built fire sprinkler drawings, as-built electrical distribution drawings, and as-built life and safety drawings, the seven-acre, 14-building warehouse complex was back to work after only two weeks.”

Client: “Why isn’t ‘it’ working correctly?
GEE, Inc.: Let me come out and take a look at “it” and we will offer you a solution.