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Green Energy Engineering, Inc., is dedicated to saving energy, saving money, reducing your carbon footprint (carbon dioxide emissions), and saving the Earth through the cost-effective utilization of Mother Nature's limited energy resources. More...

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Green Energy Solutions

Are you interested in saving money, saving energy, and saving the Earth? Green Energy Engineering, Inc. can customize your energy usage to do all three. With over 35 years of energy and financial experience, Green Energy Engineering, Inc. has worked in many different countries and with a variety of customers, from homes to large oil refineries, office towers, pulp mills, and university campuses.

You’ll find that the solution to saving energy, money, and the Earth is to fully understand how you use purchased energy in your specific process. Each process is unique and there are no cookie cutter solutions. What works in a chemical plant will not work in a high school. The electric bill of a high school is comprised 80% air conditioning and lights while air conditioning and lights are less then 1% of a chemical plant’s energy bill.

As you think about your energy bill consider these questions;

  • Have you had an energy audit conducted on your plant?

  • Have you considered making operation improvements?

  • Have you reviewed your thermal cycle?

  • Do you know where and when energy is being used?

  • Have you explored changing to another cheaper fuel?

Give us a call because we have answered these questions many times for many owners and managers across industries and countries.