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Green Energy Engineering, Inc., is dedicated to saving energy, saving money, reducing your carbon footprint (carbon dioxide emissions), and saving the Earth through the cost-effective utilization of Mother Nature's limited energy resources. More...

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List of Facilities

This is a list of types and location of facilities where Green Energy Engineering, Inc., has conducted energy audits:

  • Residential homes in the Tampa Bay area

  • Commercial buildings throughout Florida

  • Warehouses in Florida, Ohio, and New Jersey

  • Churches in Florida

  • Schools throughout Florida

  • Government buildings throughout Florida

  • Manufacturing plants in California, Texas, Kansas, Ohio, Illinois, Massachusetts, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Alabama

  • Waste treatment plants in Florida

  • Beer manufacturing plants (breweries) in Florida

  • Machine shops in Florida

  • High rise buildings throughout Florida

  • Chemical plants in California, Saudi Arabia, New Jersey, Florida, Georgian, Ohio, Kansas

  • Pulp mills in Pennsylvania, Alabama, Georgia, Florida

  • Oil refineries in Texas, New Jersey, Saudi Arabia

  • Paper converting plants in Georgia, Pennsylvania

  • Soap making plants in Ohio, California, Massachusetts, Maryland

  • Consumer goods manufacturers in North Carolina

  • Elementary Schools in Florida

  • Middle Schools in Florida

  • High Schools in Florida

  • Government buildings in Florida

  • City and County Libraries in Florida

  • County Jails in Florida

  • Bank Buildings in Florida

  • High Rise office towers in Florida

  • Court House Buildings in Florida

  • Office complexes in Florida

  • University Campus in Florida and Texas