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Power, Steam, Boilers - Past Projects

Power Steam Boiler Past Projects:

  • Natural gas-fired industrial boilers producing 600 psig superheated steam for industrial steam turbine generator with extraction and 10 psig back pressure.

  • Heavy oil fired industrial boilers producing 150 psig saturated steam.

  • Wood fired boiler producing 900 psig superheated steam for 20 MW steam turbine generator with 150 psig backpressure for process needs.

  • Coal fired boilers producing 450, 600, and 900 psig steam from steam turbine generators and process steam needs.

  • Waste paper fired boiler for building heating. 

  • Sawdust pile burning boiler for 150 psig steam in food process plant.

  • 500 MW heavy oil-fired central station.

  • 40 mw natural gas-fired turbine exhausting to a 600 psig heat recovery steam turbine generator.

  • Propane fired cracking furnaces producing 1500 psig superheated steam for steam turbine drives.

  • Sulfur burning boilers in fertilizer plant

  • Spent acid burning boiler in converting plant