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Feasibility Studies List

Would you like to have a one-page memo clearly stating the feasibility of projects like this that Green Energy Engineering, Inc., has completed in the past? We analyzed the feasibility of:

  • Adding inlet guide vanes to the boiler combustion air fan

  • Adding variable speed control to the pump

  • Changing the lights from T-12 to T-8

  • Building a wood burning boiler to replace the expensive oil fired boiler

  • Installing a new high efficiency chiller

  • Buying a bigger cooling tower without those 200 HP fans in the small tower offer

  • Adding additional insulation

  • Upgrading the control system

  • Installing a plant wide steam metering system

  • Building a 300-mile long natural gas line

  • Retrofitting the boiler for hot wind box from a combustion turbine

  • Getting rail delivery of oil instead of tanker trucks

  • Reducing the pumping horsepower of a 90 mile crude oil pipe line

  • Adding a wet scrubber and burning cheaper high sulfur coal

  • Installing a cogeneration cycle

  • Adding oxygen trim control to the boiler

  • Switching to a cheaper fuel

  • Installing power factor correction capacitors

  • Upgrading to a high efficiency air conditioner

  • Reducing the set point of the compressed air system

  • Installing a fire sprinkler system and reducing the insurance

  • Pre-treating the waste water

These and many other feasibility studies have been conducted for clients throughout the United States and other countries.

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