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Types of Financial Studies

Green Energy Engineering, Inc. can perform all types of financial studies depending on the client’s needs. You may already have some options developed and have identified the criteria and data. You simply need someone to code a spreadsheet and analyze the results with various financial measures, such as rate of return, payback period, net present valve, before and after cash flow, etc.

Or you may have a feeling that your company, plant, or process could be operating better and cheaper. You may be like the patient in the Doctor’s office, who knows something is wrong but cannot diagnose the problem because you lack the specific engineering and financial training and experience. Green Energy Engineering, Inc. has the background and experience to visit the site and develop options, criteria, data, and financial analysis with minimum oversight.

  • Studies could be simple, handled over the phone and or Internet. • Plant visits are sometimes required to obtain the data.

  • Meetings with plant management are sometimes required to obtain a “meeting of the minds” regarding the direction or financial needs.

  • Sometimes studies are initiated by the accounting department because a particular cost such as fuel, raw materials, maintenance, or utilities has risen sharply and the plant lacks the staff or experience to do the investigation work.

  • Studies could also be involved requiring the use of flow charts and decision diagrams.

  • Whatever the need, Green Energy Engineering, Inc., can customize the study to fit your needs.